So I’ve always said this, Dal Chawal is the baap of comfort food. And, as an Indian, you have so many options for this stuff! In 2016 I went for a long ride around Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa, spending around 23 days with the love of my life, my Iron Bitch, Champa. I always thinkContinue reading “Saambaar”

Mexican Rice

The first time I had Mexican rice was on a date in Vishakhapattanam, India and fell in love with it. It’s really easy to make and brings back some cute memories. Either way, it’s a perfect one pot meal, and any accompaniment is strictly optional. One of my friends called it hipster Rajma-Chawal which whileContinue reading “Mexican Rice”

Paneer Bhurji

I usually make this only when milk goes bad in my fridge. It’s a good way to repurpose spoiled milk. Now, many people have an ethical issue with this dish, namely, one eating milk solids from what one is usually supposed to throw out. However, I’d argue that paneer is something that Indians have beenContinue reading “Paneer Bhurji”

Mutter Paneer

One of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Indian restaurants, this thing is really easy to make and for some reason loved by most vegetarians. A lot of recipes are going to call on the use of whole spices. I don’t really see the point of using whole spices if you’re also using the sameContinue reading “Mutter Paneer”

Baingan Ka Bharta

Okay, so let’s get this out of the way first. The big purple baingan used in baingan ka bharta is the same as the one used as a penis emoji. Now that our collective inner 12 year old has stopped giggling, we can proceed. I find baingan interesting because it is one of those authenticContinue reading “Baingan Ka Bharta”


If you ever happen to visit Sinhagad, Maharashtra, which is this lovely medieval fortress near Pune, Maharashtra, you will come upon a few food joints. These joints serve traditional food from the area, like bhakri and mutton curry,, and so on, and you will see one of the more peculiar sides to Marathi cuisine. YouContinue reading “Pithla”

Egg Curry

Egg curry is one of those things that should be considered a bachelor’s stable diet. I’m not going to wax eloquently about how it’s rich in protein or whatever, I honestly don’t care. It’s good food and easy to make. I quite prefer this with rice, but if you like roti or bread will alsoContinue reading “Egg Curry”

Hakka Noodles

Chinese food is probably the most replicated food around the world, however, what we Indians call “Chinese Food” is probably just “Indian food” to most people of Chinese origin. However, street food is my guilty pleasure, and there’s no harm done in learning to cook it at home. I learned this by watching a streetContinue reading “Hakka Noodles”

Yakhni Pulav

This is a simple pilaf provided you have some whole spices. It’s a Ramzan special so I really think you should try it at home this year, as eating out this year is going to be a bitch. Now, this recipe calls for the use of Saffron but I don’t see the point of eatingContinue reading “Yakhni Pulav”